Newsletter 4 - May


Editorial by Project Coordinator

We are about to start the third and final year of our project. We had our 5th project meeting last month in Monaco. At this time we were glad to assess that the project is well on track and partners are determined to use the final year of the project to reach our anticipated objective ! (...)

The three-fluids combined membrane contactor (3F-CMC) prototype is expected to be ready by mid-Summer and soon afterwards the small-scale prototype of the entire climate control system will be prepared and tested.(...)

We had our second XERIC’s workshop in the framework the EVER Monaco 2017 Conference (from 11 to 13 April 2017). (...) I am glad to report that one of the papers presented by XERIC members has received the special award as "Best paper on ecological vehicles"!

And Save The Date: a new get-together is already in sight. XERIC will organize its third workshop in the framework of the third edition of the Genoa Smart Week “the power of innovation”, which is going to take place in Genoa, IT on November 20-24, 2017.

Nino Gaeta - GVS spa - XERIC's Coordinator

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Get to know the XERIC team members - INTERVIEWS


AIN Tech, Spain

Irene Islava is an engineer and project manager at AIN, specialized in environmental projects. She is carrying out a Life Cycle Assessment to better know and address the environmental impact associated with the new XERIC climate control system. Quite a challenge !

"I find it motivating to carry out a life cycle assessment of new systems and components not modeled to date."
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UDE, Germany
Clemens Alexowsky is doing its PhD at the University of Duisburg-Essen. As a part of the XERIC project his research is about preparation and characterization of membranes.

For him "the biggest challenge is to combine all parts to one working unit, as the project will only be successful if every single part reaches its goal".
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Discover XERIC partners’ expertise


The Asociación de la Industria Navarra is a private non-profit organization owned by its member companies (around 120) that finances itself by providing specialized services in different areas of knowledge and key specialties to the management and development of companies and organizations.

The Engineering business unit actively supports companies that comply with sustainable development guidelines and respect the environment, not only fulfilling legal requirements, but also applying the most adequate available technologies.
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BIG SUCCESS for XERIC at EVER Monaco 2017 !

Xeric organized its 2nd workshop in the frame of the EVER Monaco Forum, from 11 to 13 April 2017, through the Special Lecture Session on New Progress in Air Conditioning and Thermal Management Systems for Electric Vehicles. More than one hundred academic and industrial representatives of 27 different nationalities attended to the EVER scientific conferences this year.

A XERIC’s exhibition stand has also been set up and Nino Gaeta, as XERIC’s coordinator, presented the project in a roundtable organized during the first day.

XERIC’s consortium has received two awards : the “Best Special Session” and the “Best paper on ecological vehicles” !

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SAVE THE DATE: 3d workshop of the project in Genoa on November 20-24, 2017

The city of Genoa will host this autumn the third edition of the "Genova Smart Week": a week of conferences, technical and educational workshops, expo and networking events that will be attended by national and international players to share their views about innovations for the development of a livable city.

The ideal place to organize the 3d workshop of XERIC ! Let's stay in touch : you will soon get more information about it.