• Successful 3rd Workshop

    Successful 3rd Workshop

    A great occasion to share with a large targeted audience innovative and energy-friendly technologies. Contacts have been initiated for new collaborations between research and industry!
  • XERIC’s results of interest to the marine industry

    XERIC’s results of interest to the marine industry

    FRIGOMAR is presenting XERIC results to the marine industry, which is really interested by reducing the electrical consumption to reduce the size and weight of the on-board power generator.
  • XERIC’s Consortium twice awarded !

    XERIC’s Consortium twice awarded !

    Xeric organized its 2nd workshop in the frame of the EVER Monaco Forum, from 11 to 13 April 2017. Members of the consortium received the Best Special Session and the Best Paper on Ecological Vehicles Awards !


    XERIC and 2 other EC-funded projects organised a one-day event devoted to improving energy efficiency in electric vehicles. One 100 participants got together and grew their network during this fruitful day.
  • XERIC’s Brochure

    XERIC’s Brochure

    All about XERIC at a glance: download the brochure!
  • A Transdisciplinary Approach

    A Transdisciplinary Approach

    We work transcending our own disciplines to create a new technology and intellectual and material know-how.
  • A First-class Consortium

    A First-class Consortium

    8 partners from 4 European countries make up XERIC's team.
  • Xeric is innovative.

    Xeric is innovative.

    XERIC's technological breakthrough: a three-fluids-combined membrane contactor.