• Poster Award to XERIC PhD Student

    Poster Award to XERIC PhD Student

    We are proud to announce that Clemens Alexowsky, a XERIC PhD student at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, received the 2nd place for Best Poster Presentation for the poster he presented at the European Young Engineers Conference in April in Warsaw, Poland.


    XERIC and 2 other EC-funded projects organise a FREE one-day event devoted to improving energy efficiency in electric vehicles.
  • XERIC’s Brochure

    XERIC’s Brochure

    All about XERIC at a glance: download the brochure!
  • A Transdisciplinary Approach

    A Transdisciplinary Approach

    We work transcending our own disciplines to create a new technology and intellectual and material know-how.
  • A First-class Consortium

    A First-class Consortium

    8 partners from 4 European countries make up XERIC's team.
  • Xeric is innovative.

    Xeric is innovative.

    XERIC's technological breakthrough: a three-fluids-combined membrane contactor.