Joint activities with other EU projects

As strongly encouraged by the european commission, XERIC (through the EMH) invited other european projects working on the second topic of the call “Green Vehicles” (GV) to cluster and share their dynamics. Within the second topic (GV2) Optimised and systematic energy management in electric vehicles, JOSPEL and OPTEMUS are therefore holding joint activities with XERIC.


The aim of JOSPEL project is the development of a novel energy efficient climate system for the optimization of interior temperature control management in electrical vehicles through an integrated approach. The Joules and Peltier effects (which comprises the JOS-PEL name) are two of the pillars of the technologies that will be developed in the project. Read more


OPtimised Energy Management and USe (OPTEMUS) represents an opportunity for overcoming one of the biggest barriers towards large scale adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid cars: range limitation due to limited storage capacity of electric batteries. The OPTEMUS project proposes to tackle this bottleneck by leveraging low energy consumption and energy harvesting through a holistic vehicle-occupant-centred approach, considering space, cost and complexity requirements. Read more

Clustering activities

XERIC invited JOSPEL and OPTEMUS to join its three public workshops:

The three projects appeared together in the same session of the ERTRAC-EGVIA conference, the 1st European Conference on Results from Road Transport Research in H2020 projects.

They also successfully applied together to the Common Dissemination Booster.