Overview of final results

XERIC’s team is happy to share the achievements of the work undertaken from June 2015 to June 2018! XERIC’s main communication tools and public deliverables are also archived on ZENODO, in the frame of the XERIC Community.

XERIC’s Presentations

What is XERIC? Communication tools created in the frame of the project with the list of conferences and workshops in which XERIC has been presented are available HERE.

Project deliverables

All XERIC’s partners reported on their activities through deliverables. Public ones, such as e-newsletters, are available HERE.

Scientific Publications & Posters

XERIC’s main results are disclosed in scientific publications and posters. References, abstracts and full documents (Open Access publishing) are available HERE.


Final Assessment : what do they think about XERIC?

Two experts who composed the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) of XERIC and accompanied the project from the start to the end have been interviewed at the end of the project.

J-C. CHARPENTIER                                           Dr. F. AUSIELLO
Prof. at ENSIC, France                           Strategic projects director at ASTER, Italy

Partners of the two other EU projects JOSPEL and OPTEMUS also shared their points of view. Read more about our joint activities

A. STEINER, OPTEMUS coordinator        A. CALDEVILLA, OPTEMUS partner           V.  G. ARAGONES, JOSPEL coordinator
VIRTUAL VEHICLE, Austria                             DENSO Automotive, Germany                     AIMPLAS, Spain