XERIC is transdisciplinary


A transdisciplinary approach is paramount to reach XERIC’s objective.  XERIC’s partners are not juxtaposing their expertise, they are transcending their own disciplines to grasp each other’s work, capture complexity and create new intellectual and material know-how.

Partners contribute their unique expertise and also work outside their discipline to understand and contribute to the project’s objective.
For instance:

FRIGOMAR has to understand the problems linked with the use of the three-fluids-combined-membrane-contactor (aging, regeneration of desiccant, process variables);

TICASS alters its academic-specific approach to accommodate industrial needs in terms of material properties and industrial manufacturing platforms;

GVS, UDE and VITO share resources and integrate their know-how to achieve the common goal of developing a specific hydrophobic membrane;

ITWM crosses its industrial boundaries to lead the work of TICASS and GVS towards the development of a climate control system that will answer market needs.

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