Final Newsletter - May 2018

XERIC ends but the project continues!


Editorial by Project Coordinator

Welcome to our sixth and last newsletter.

After three years of enriching and efficient collaborative work, XERIC is going to end on May 31, 2018. I am particularly glad to share the results that we have successfully achieved.

The prototype of the new Climatic Control System (CCS) works perfectly in the most critical conditions! [...] Moreover, and this is particularly remarkable, the performance has been demonstrated in industrially relevant environment (TRL6), i.e. at a higher level than the initially set objective (TRL4). [...]

At this time XERIC ends, but the story continues to possibly achieve full implementation of the results. In fact, XERIC partners intend to exploit the results of the project, both industrially and academically. [...]

Enjoy this last issue, and keep in touch! We will be pleased to go further with you.

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Nino Gaeta - GVS spa - XERIC's Coordinator


EVER2018: experimental results successfully shared

Following its 2nd workshop organized in the frame of EVER last year, XERIC partners were warmly welcomed to share their last results in the frame of EVER2018 in April 2018. A hundred participants and 31 nationalities exchanged on their work and reflections on Sustainable Development.

Stefano Lazzari from UNIGE (Italy) co-chaired the lecture session on Automotive Process Design and Performance Assessment. He also presented the main developments and results achieved so far within the XERIC project. Read more


XERIC at Heat & Mass Transfer congresses

Ehsan Afrasiabian (Fraunhofer ITWM) successfully presented the results of the numerical simulation of frost formation made in the frame of XERIC at the 3rd world congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (MHMT’18). Read more


She also presented the performance evaluation of the XERIC innovative 3F-CMC and its conclusive results at the 11th International Conference on Computational Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer (ICCHMT 2018). Read more


Achieved results showcased at the TRA Vienna

A two-page presentation of XERIC aims and results has been included in the new project portfolio (cover opposite), edited by the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIA).

This portfolio was displayed at the EGVI stand during the Transport Research Arena conference in Vienna (16-19 April 2018). The event welcomed more than 3000 participants.

Have a look and discover these innovations making our road transport more efficient and greener!


SAVE THE DATES to discover more XERIC results!

The new XERIC Climate-Control Units for More Energy-Efficient Electric Vehicles will be presented in the frame of the 6th International Congress on Green Process Engineering, 3-6 June 2018 in Toulouse (France). An excellent opportunity to discuss and network around the latest advances in the area. Read more

Next October 25th, CTAG will host the JOSPEL workshop in O Porriño - Pontevedra, Spain. Partners from the 3 EU-funded projects XERIC, OPTEMUS and JOSPEL - read more about joint activities - will present their latest innovations and technologies to improve energy efficiency in electric vehicles. Everybody interested is welcome! Online free registration will start soon on a dedicated website.


Final assessment: what do they think about XERIC?

Dr. Eng. Francesco Paolo AUSIELLO

ASTER, Italy
Dr. Eng. Francesco Paolo Ausiello is strategic regional projects director at ASTER in Bologna (Italy). He has been one of the three experts who composed the Strategic Advisory Board of XERIC.

In his opinion, "XERIC started with TRL relatively low. Now several critical points are overcome and the industrialization phase is short to come." Read the full interview


Prof. Jean-Claude CHARPENTIER

ENSIC, Nancy (France)
Prof. Dr. Eng. J-C. Charpentier is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the National Higher Institute of Chemical Industries (ENSIC). He has been one of the three experts who composed the Strategic Advisory Board of XERIC.

He witnesses that "XERIC results have been reached thanks to the top rate quality of both academic & industrial partners involved in a complementary manner". Read the full interview



Eng. Vanessa Gutierrez A. is a compounding Researcher at the Plastic Technology Center AIMPLAS and coordinates the JOSPEL project.

"Efficient devices developed in the frame of JOSPEL can be use together with the membrane technology developed in the XERIC project, to further increase the climate control." Read the full interview



VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center (V2C2), Austria
Dr. Alois Steiner is Co-Team Leader of the group Thermal Management & Mobile Air Conditioning at V2C2. He is coordinating the OPTEMUS project.

"XERIC and OPTEMUS learn from each other how comfort related systems and especially vapor compression cycles could be further improved." Read the full interview



Partner of the OPTEMUS project, Dr. Andrés CALDEVILLA is leading the EU Technology Trend Research & Evaluation activity by DENSO International Europe.

"The Common Dissemination Booster should enable the potential breakthrough of some of our developed technologies." Read the full interview