Prof. Jean-Claude Charpentier, member of the Strategic Advisory Board of XERIC, presented at the 6th International Congress on Green Process Engineering (GPE2018) the main results obtained in the frame of the project.

The International Congress on Green Process Engineering (GPE2018)

10 years ago, the first International Congress on GPE took place in Toulouse, France. GPE concepts in both education and research have been since vastly implemented. After 5 other editions in different countries around the world (Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Canada), the 6th edition welcomed 210 participants from 17 different countries from the 3rd to the 6th of June 2018. An excellent opportunity to discuss and evaluate the progress carried out due to the implementation of new process technologies! Read more about GPE2018

XERIC’s Contribution

XERIC results constituted the keynote presentation of the session entitled “Energy supply for intensified processes” on Wednesday afternoon, June 6. The audience comprised chemists and specialists of chemical engineering, who expressed their strong interest in the innovative part of the project.

Jean-Claude Charpentier, also Ambassador of the GPE Congress, presented the main results obtained in the frame of XERIC, leading to the design of a small-scale prototype of an energy-saving climate control system for electric vehicles currently on the market. The content of the presentation was prepared by Stefano Lazzari (UNIGE).

Download the presentation abstractThe 3-Fluids Combined Membrane Contactors as new climate-control units for more energy-efficient electric vehicles: an outline of H2020 XERIC project.

Read & download the full presentation in open access on ZENODO – XERIC community